Dupont Civic Center
Zillah Lakes Communities
Bothell Sweedish Crest
Ferndale Transit Center
McCarver Village Communities
Port of Seattle – Hats and Bots

Public and private clients have expressed a need for new approaches to maximize the value and utility of their real estate assets and streamline the capital facility delivery process. Reduced funding and increased costs have required them to look differently at real estate assets. The Mission of Pardini Design Group is to provide real estate development expertise to our clients with specific and measurable strategies that maximize the value of capital assets. Frequently public and private projects, when narrowly conceived as “stand-alone” projects, often do not reach their full potential in solving public needs, providing a realistic return on investment or the required services in the most cost-effective manner. “Standalone” Public Projects, particularly in urban centers, may miss exciting opportunities that add to the fabric of cities by creating exciting people places. We believe that Projects can be enhanced with cooperative mixed uses and collaborative Public/Private partnerships that are structured to utilize the strengths of each participant. Working through an open process based on clear objectives and a fair and reasonable sharing of risks, new levels of performance can be reached.